Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Sunday morning we had to wake the kids up early so that we had enough time to all get ready, see what the Easter Bunny brought and get to church on time for the early service so that we could get out to my parents house for lunch with the family.  Here is how the day looked:

Waiting patiently to go downstairs and see what treats are waiting on them…

4-25-11 001

4-25-11 005

This picture is probably my favorite of the day.  They both took off running as soon as their feet hit the downstairs floor.  I am not sure what Sam thought he was running to but since Reese was so excited he was excited too.

4-25-11 006

4-25-11 007

4-25-11 008

After each thing they pulled out of their basket, they would run it over to me to see.

4-25-11 009

And Sam had to get in to all of the candy!!  He would hold it in his hand until it melted or try to bite through the wrapper.  He is a junk food lover just like the rest of us.

4-25-11 015

After a wonderful church service, we went to my parents house for lunch with my parents, Becca, and my dad’s brothers family.

4-25-11 020

My mom bought us the Resurrection Eggs so I read the stories to Reese while we waited on family to arrive.

4-25-11 022

4-25-11 024

I love this picture…I just wish that silly stick was not in front of her face.

4-25-11 030

We also had my mom take family pictures for us.  We don’t all get to dress up often and at the same time so it was nice to get some picture proof.

4-25-11 031

4-25-11 049

Reese looks like she is Sam’s puppet master. 

4-25-11 050

4-25-11 055

They got to play with bubbles and chalk outside.

4-25-11 057

And then they had an Easter Egg hunt with one of my cousin’s kids.

4-25-11 071

Sam did so well for his first egg hunt.  He never seemed interested in hunting with Reese when we would have them in the backyard but he enjoyed it.

4-25-11 087

After everyone was gone, I tried on my wedding dress for Reese.  Well, I attempted to.  To say the least, it definitely does not fit anymore.  She loved it though and wanted to try it all on too.

4-25-11 107

What a blessed day we had! 


Claire Machen said...

These pictures really captured your special day! What a blessed family yall are!! Reese and Sam were too cute with all their Easter stuff! Your the best mommy in the whole world! Love u!!

Carrie Beth said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I'm sure Reese loved seeing you in your wedding dress. Handley asks me all the time when Robby and I are going to get married again so she can come to our wedding. :-)

Aunt Kathy said...

The picture of you and Lance is really good! Gigi did a good job!

Courtney said...

sweet pictures, great family photo! Happy Easter! :)