Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Reese’s school has had spirit week this week.  Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was spirit wear, and today was crazy hair day.  Crazy hair day is easy for us because she wakes up with crazy hair every day but we decided to look for something more fun.  We have talked about and seen pictures of Pippy Long Stocking but have not seen the movies.  I asked Reese if she wanted her hair like that and she said yes. 

Yesterday we practiced doing her hair.


And today was the big day.  Reese was so excited all day yesterday and this morning.  On our way to school she was wondering what other people’s hair was going to look like.  I could tell she was starting to get nervous and she kept an eye on every kid as they got out of their car to see what their hair looked like.  She got a little quiet as we pulled up but as soon as the door opened to the car and the teachers started doting over her she got a big smile on her face. 

4-28-11 004

When I picked her up from school the first thing she said was, “Everybody loved my hair.  Ms. Robyn kept calling me Pippy.”  She looked too cute and I just giggle every time I looked at her. 

4-28-11 005