Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Last Few Days

We’ve had a busy weekend and I can’t believe it is already Sunday night. We started our Friday out with some excitement.  About ten minutes after I woke up my neighbor called and asked if her daughter could come over because she was in labor.  Reese, of course, was super excited.  When Emma got to our house she was a little sad because she wanted to go with her parents to get her baby brother.

4-17-11 007

So the girls snuggled up on the couch to watch Toy Story 2.  Emma finally relaxed and the girls had a blast playing together all day.  They dressed up, watched movies, and hid Easter eggs for each other to find.

4-17-11 008

Reese had ballet but there was no way I could fit all three car seats in my car so I called the mom of Reese’s friend in her ballet class and asked if she would take Reese for me.  Lance said, “Wouldn’t a minivan be nice right about now?”  I am so grateful for friends that are helpful when I need it and I am so grateful to be able to help out friends who are in need!

Emma’s grandmother was able to get on a plane and made it to town around 5pm so Emma went home to be with her.

These two cuties were supposed to have soccer Friday night (usually on Saturday morning) but the second we parked the car it started lightening so soccer was cancelled.  Reese was not one bit disappointed because that meant we got to have pizza and a movie night.  I finally broke down and let her watch Tangled.  I was going to save it for Easter but decided to do something different.  She was thrilled.

4-17-11 009

Saturday morning we went out to my parents house.  The kids hung out with them while Lance and I had a little date day.  We went to test drive some cars (for him), had lunch, did some Easter shopping, and just enjoyed spending the day together.  The kids were spoiled as usual.

We got home around dinner time and then Lance opened the bubble blowing lawn mower the kids got.  After playing outside for a while, Lance turned the box in to a robot costume for Reese.  It was hilarious and Reese giggles every time she puts it on.

4-17-11 012


Carrie Beth said...

Ha! The robot costume is too cute. Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend!

Kiera said...

You are such a fun mom and a great friend!!! I am sure Reese LOVED getting Tangled!