Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two Months Old

Today Hayes is two months old. Where has the time gone?

1-1-13 076

I love that we have his chair with his name on it. I am going to try to get his monthly pictures in this chair.

1-1-13 081

At two months old:
*he has moved in to size two diapers
*Still in 0-3 month clothes but some of them are getting a little snug…I bet he will be moving up soon
*went to church for the first time on Dec. 23rd and did great
*eats every three hours and is finally being more efficient when eating. It usually takes him around twenty minutes to get in a full feeding.
*at night he usually eats for the last time around 9:00 and then is asleep around 10:00. Most nights he wakes up in the two o’clock hour to eat…last night he didn’t wake up until 4:15…if he goes that long he is ready to eat immediately and can’t wait
*Reese can get the most smiles from him. When she sings “Sweet Baby Boy”, he will stop crying and grin at her.
*In the morning he is pretty social. He will coo and smile for us a good bit.
*He loves to nap in the swing and in our arms still.
*We go next week for his check up so I will find out how long he is and how much he weighs.

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jennkate said...

Oh my gosh!! He is getting so big! He is a great combination of his big sis and big bro! So sweet.