Thursday, January 31, 2013

Giggle Box

Hayes is such a smiley face. He loves to grin at us all day. When I drop Sam off at school all of the ladies love to come over to the car and look in at him. If he is sleeping they oooh and ahhhh over him sleeping. If he is awake they say hello and oooh and ahhh over the big grins he gives them. This morning I got him out of bed and turned his lamp on as I was laying him on the changing table. The lamp isn’t bright but it was a big contrast to the dark room so he had his eyes squeezed closed. Even while he was trying to get his eyes adjusted to the light he had the biggest grin. It was too funny!

This week he actually started laughing at us. I got this video of him giggling the other day. The video isn’t great but you can hear him getting so excited. That same night Reese was doing something silly and he started laughing at her. It was the sweetest sound. I don’t think Reese or Sam laughed until closer to four months old so we were surprised to get these giggles from Hayes. It shouldn’t be surprising that he is laughing though since he smiles so big. When he smiles it looks like he could break out in a laugh at any time. Reese and Sam also didn’t have all of the crazy entertainment around that Hayes is blessed to have.

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Bryan said...

I missed Leah's first laugh...it haunts me! Gotta love the baby giggles.