Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Celebrating Easter

We went to church Saturday night. They had two services Saturday night and two Sunday morning. It was a great service and great music. It was so nice to wake up Sunday morning and not have to rush the kids through checking out their baskets.

4-1-13 003

Reese woke up around 7:15 and came in to our room. Once she is awake everyone else is too.

4-1-13 004

So the four of us went downstairs to check out their baskets. On Saturday night Reese said she knew that either Lance or I was the Easter bunny. We never confirmed or denied her suspicions. Winking smile

4-1-13 010

Hayes slept through all of this so we didn’t get any picture of him with his basket. By the time he was awake, Sam had empty Hayes’ basket.

4-1-13 014

Reese was very excited about her goodies. She got a new Ivy and Bean book and some Lego Friends. She has been asking for both!

4-1-13 016

Reese and Lance immediately got to work on the Lego's. Lance might have been just as excited as Reese for the Lego’s.

4-1-13 018

Reese put it all together herself. Lance just supervised and helped out with the directions.

4-1-13 020

We headed over to my parents house for lunch with tons of family. All of the kids were very entertained all day.

4-1-13 022

4-1-13 024

After lunch the kids had an egg hunt. My mom bought tons and tons of eggs. Once the eggs were hidden it started to rain. That didn’t slow anyone down though. The kids had a blast!

4-1-13 048

See how wet Sam’s hair is…

4-1-13 076

Once everyone had headed home, my mom had some special gifts for the kids. That got them still enough for me to snap a picture of the three of them together.

4-1-13 084

We had a great Easter with family.

4-1-13 087

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