Monday, April 1, 2013

Five Months

Our sweet little Hayes is five months old today.

4-1-13 098

At five months old:

*We are just attempting to sit up. He is doing well but just for a second or so. Sitting in his chair, he was able to sit up longer because he would bounce around the sides and sit right back up. Kind of like a weeble wobble.

*His hands are constantly in his mouth. No teeth yet though. You can tell when his mouth is really bothering him because he will put both hands in his mouth at the same time. I had to pull his hands out of his mouth several times while trying to take these pictures.

4-1-13 104

*He is still super smiley. (see previous post)

*He seems to know his name now. When I was taking these pictures and he would look away, I would call his name and he would look towards me.

4-1-13 106

*He has tried rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, green beans, and carrots. He has tolerated all of them but hasn’t just loved any of them. He made funny faces with the green beans and seems to like the carrots a little more. When I sit him in his high chair he knows it is time to eat. If I sit him in there to do something really quick and I don’t feed him, he starts kicking his feet and making noise.

4-1-13 108

*Still no schedule but he nurses every three hours. I am thinking about trying to start a schedule myself. I might start waking him up at the same time every morning and see if that helps us out any.

*Some nights he wakes up every four hours to eat. Last night he went about seven hours. Maybe it will be a new trend! I am trying to enjoy those quiet times with him.

4-1-13 109

*He is still in 6-9 month clothes and size three diapers. As I am going through all of Reese’s old clothes to sell, I am preparing myself to go through the boy clothes that Hayes has outgrown too. Ugh!

*He has been trying to put his pacifier in his mouth himself lately.

4-1-13 114

*Sam and Reese still continue to entertain him and I can only see that continuing. Sometimes Sam can be a little rough and I have to remind him to be gentle.

4-1-13 115

And this picture just cracks me up. Sam wanted their picture together sitting up and as I was snapping the picture Hayes began to fall over. It was a very slow and controlled fall.

4-1-13 116

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