Sunday, April 21, 2013

Have It Her Way

Reese does things on her own time table. We can’t convince her to do anything unless it is her idea first. Yesterday we were at a festival in our little downtown area and Reese looked up at me out of nowhere and said, “I want to get my ears pierced.” I was shocked. I asked, “Today? Like right now?”. She answered yes! We have asked her several times over the last few years if she wanted her ears pierced and she has said no adamantly. We stayed at the festival for several hours because it was such a nice day. After we left we met some neighbors for dinner and Reese told them that she was getting her ears pierced. I still wasn’t sold on doing it right then but eventually Lance said yes and we figured we might as well do it while it was still her idea. We left dinner around 7:00 and headed straight for the mall. We brought our little neighbor along with us to watch. Reese was pretty nervous but very brave!

4-21-13 009

She picked out some blue gem earrings. The guy got everything ready and it was time to get her ears pierced. I recorded her getting the first ear done. Once it made the loud click, she jumped a little, and then the tears started. She was much less dramatic than I thought she would be. This picture below is of her getting the second ear done.

4-21-13 013

After they were done she looked in the mirror to see how she looked. She was trying so hard to smile through the tears. The picture below just breaks my heart. She was so happy about her ears but so sad about the pain.

4-21-13 015

Once we were done she was very happy and pranced around the mall. She couldn’t wait to show everyone her ears. She looks like such a big girl with her ears pierced. Lance and I were so proud of how well she did. Sam and Emma weren’t sure what to think but they were proud of her too.

4-21-13 016

She looks soooo cute!!


Carrie Beth said...

Way to go Reese! I can't believe she decided she wanted it done right then and there. That picture of her sitting in the chair about to get the second one done broke my heart. I'm glad she is proud of them now though. Handley just LOVES having hers done and being able to pick out new earrings, etc. :-)

Rebecca said...

Reesey Bug! I'm so proud of you! You look even more beautiful! I love you to the moon and back!