Friday, November 1, 2013

Hayes is ONE!!

Happy birthday, Sweet Baby Hayes!

We made it! I swear the first year of a baby’s life seems like it is infinitely long but is over in a flash. As they say, the days are long but the years are short.

11-1-13 004

At twelve months old:

*Hayes is officially a walker. About a week after turning eleven months old, Hayes took his first steps. He would take a step or two and then dive in to our arms. He was so determined and really picked it up quickly. I would say he walks about 70% of the time now. This past week he finally figured out how to stand himself up with out pulling up on anything. If he falls down, he gets right back up but if he is in a hurry he will drop to his knees and speed crawl to where he is going.

11-1-13 017

*He is weaned! I have to admit that nursing him was not something I was super excited about while pregnant. And then it turned out to be a pretty difficult thing for him early on. So really from day one I had been looking forward to weaning him. But when the day finally came to do that, I was a little sad. Not sad enough to continue but just nostalgic about the whole experience of nursing all three of my babies.

11-1-13 007

*He is determined, opinionated, strong-willed, and hard headed. But in the same breath he loves to give kisses, lay his head on our shoulders, and giggle at us all.

11-1-13 013

*He is not very social with strangers. Reese and Sam both flirted with anyone who would look at them. But Hayes will just stare people down like they are up to no good. The second he hears our babysitters voice when she walks in the door he starts to cry. He doesn’t even have to see her. He cries going to his classroom at church. We have to drop him off first each Sunday because if he sees that Sam or Reese are going in to their classrooms he knows his turn is next and will start crying.

*I am 100% positive he is going to be my wild child, my heart attack waiting to happen. He is ALL boy and he is tough. He will move the gate at the bottom of the stairs and climb to the top, open the gate at the top, and just laugh when I finally see him. He has also figured out how to turn himself around to go down the stairs on his belly.

11-1-13 012

*He loves Reese and Sam. They can make him laugh like no one else. Sam is rough with him and I know that one day Hayes is going to get him back for everything he has done to him. Reese is mostly sweet with him and is a little mommy to him.

11-1-13 016

I can’t believe our baby is ONE! Here’s to many, many more! We love you Hayes!

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