Thursday, November 14, 2013

Boys Well Visit

I finally got the boys to the pediatrician for their well visit the other day. I needed a nap after it! Ah! Sam knew he was getting some shots so he was a mess the whole time. He was not behaving the way I know he can and he kept interrupting while the nurse was asking me questions. Hayes was getting in to everything! He was opening every drawer, every cabinet, climbing on stools, and dumping things out. I was about to go crazy because I answered all of the same questions the nurse was asking me online before we got there. At one point during the questions, Hayes falls off the stool he was climbing on and smacks his head on the edge of the table. He got two huge bruises on the side of his face and bit his tongue. Finally she left after the millions of questions, eye exams, hearing exams, etc. When it was shot time Sam wanted Hayes to go first so he watched everything, cried while Hayes cried and then tried to run from me when I went to pick him up and put him on the table. While I was carrying him over to the table, he screamed that he wanted to climb up by himself. I went to put him down to let him climb up and he tried to run away from me. The nurse laughed and told him it was a cute try. After I was completely deaf from the screaming in my ears, it was time to go. My kids are so dramatic!

Hayes’ one year stats are comparable to Reese and Sam’s at that same age. He is 29.75” tall (41%) and weighs 22 lbs, 8 oz (67%).


Dr. Tony Denmark said...

OK!! Hayes is a year old now, it's time to change your blog family picture :-)

AA said...

Oh you poor thing! Doctor's visits are never fun even with my one rowdy child ... can't imagine having to do that with two!!! You deserve a loooooonnnnngggg nap :)