Thursday, November 21, 2013

School Thanksgiving

Yesterday Reese had a Grandparents Thanksgiving Feast at her school. She was so excited. Lance’s mom was able to go and my grandparents (her great-grandparents) were able to make it. Unfortunately my parents had work commitments that kept them from being able to have lunch with Reese. She only made them feel a little bad. The room mom from Reese’s class sent a picture to me after the lunch.


Today Sam’s class had a Thanksgiving party. They each dressed like little Indians and had Indian names. I think they each picked an animal to be a part of their names. Sam’s name was Fearless Tiger Sam.

Here is his class saying their blessing before getting to eat.

photo 1

Hayes enjoyed getting to spend time in Sam’s class. He wanted out of the stroller so bad so I eventually let him out.

photo 2

He was so good though. He just stood next to Sam as he ate his lunch. For a little while they even held hands. It was super sweet and that is what they were doing in this picture.

photo 3

Another mom was sweet enough to take a picture of all three of us.

photo 4

So cute!

photo 5 

Now Sam thinks it is time for Christmas because his teacher told him that Christmas is right after Thanksgiving. He doesn’t understand that there is still over a month to go.

I also was able to get the email address of his best buddies mom. He always talks about Caleb and how much they play together. Caleb’s dad was there so I introduced myself and asked for his wife’s contact info so we could get the boys together to play outside of school. Sam was so excited but very disappointed that the playdate was not going to happen today.

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