Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sam’s Last Day of School

Sam had his last day of three year old preschool today. I can’t believe his school year is already over.

5-15-14 017a

This year has flown by and he has grown so much.

5-15-14 021

His school had planned a family picnic today with bounces houses and lots of outdoor fun. However, the rain changed all of that. They decided to have an indoor play day. Each classroom had a fun activity set up and the classes rotated from one room to another.

5-15-14 032

The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves even though the rain ruined what they were most excited about.

5-15-14 046

I think Sam’s class liked the parachute the best. They were crazy in this room. They shook the parachute like crazy, bouncing balls all around it. At one point all of them huddled under the parachute and were giggling and giggling.

5-15-14 049

Sam and his best buddy from class, Caleb

5-15-14 052

Sam and the cutie he said he is going to marry, GiGi. However, “she is NOT my girlfriend…I am just going to marry her”.

5-15-14 053

Sam had a great year this school year. It was a little overwhelming for me because this school is so much bigger than our old preschool but we survived. It is officially summertime for this sweet little boy!



Rebecca said...

Way to go, Sweet Buddy!! Love you! I hope you have the best summer ever!

Rebecca said...
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Leah Denmark said...

He is such a handsome little thing!!