Friday, May 2, 2014

Surprise Party

This past weekend was a busy one. We were on the soccer fields both days due to make-up games. In between the fun of soccer, my cousin threw my uncle a surprise 60th birthday party. He thought he was going to a wedding shower for Becca so when he walked up to all of his friends and family saying “SURPRISE!”, he was truly surprised. At one point he looked at my aunt and said, “This is unreal!”. It was sweet!

I, as usual, forgot my camera. I was so sad not to have it but I used Papa’s camera instead. His is way nicer than mine anyways. He was manning the video camera so I used his still camera. Here are two pictures from that day.

Papa and my monkeys

5-2-14 012

Reese had a soccer game at the same time as the party was starting so Reese, Lance, and Hayes all missed the surprise. They were able to make it about an hour after Uncle Hawk arrived. Reese was excited to see everyone and not miss out on too much.

The picture below is of the men. My uncle’s go-to outfit is khaki pants and a white button-up shirt. So, all of the men dressed the same way. Too funny!

5-2-14 013

What a sweet, special day!

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