Wednesday, May 7, 2014

She Scores!

Soccer season is over. Our Saturdays are free again for a while. Most of Reese’s soccer season consisted of a lot of character building. Her team lost pretty much every game they played. This was most of their first/second season playing U8 with five kids on the field, including a goalie. In the seasons before they have only played 3 v 3. To wrap up the season, the Y put on a tournament. They brought a bunch of YMCA leagues in our area together and tried to match them up against teams that were on a similar level. The girls had so much fun actually getting to play instead of getting beat!

5-7-14 012

They played so well together. They passed well, talked well, and just overall looked great! They tied their first game, won the second, and lost the third (to a team they played in regular season). And Reese scored!! She actually scored twice that counted. One other time she scored but they called it back because they said there had been a hand ball right before she scored. The other time it hit the inside of the post…which I am pretty sure counts but since the refs were high school girls you can’t really get mad at them.

She also experienced her first injury. There was a girl in the second game that was a beast. She could kick the heck out of the ball and will probably make a great defender one day. Some how one of her balls ended up on Reese’s nose. There was some crying but no blood. I think she was more scared. Her coach called me over to comfort her and I gave her a cold water bottle to hold on her nose. See below…

5-7-14 046

After their final game, they had cupcakes and received their trophies. The girls were most excited about that all day!

5-7-14 076

The thing I am most excited about is that Reese has said she wants to play again in the fall. She has done so well and I think she could be really good at soccer if she keeps it up!

5-7-14 080


Rebecca said...

That a girl, Reesey Bug! I know how you feel about your nose! Believe me!! I love you and I'm so proud of you!!!

Leah Denmark said...

Whoohoo!!! I see some awesome soccer tournaments in the future! I'm proud of you too, Reese!! Keep it up baby girl!