Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hayes ~ 18 months

Hayes was 18 months on the 1st. Wow! He is getting so big. He doesn’t have many words but he makes a lot of noise! He knows what he wants for sure.

He spends a lot of time in his stroller because we are always on the go with the big kids.

5-7-14 060

He is usually pretty good about it until he finally realizes that Sam is running around. And then he wants out!

5-7-14 075

He still loves to hang out with the men around…

photo 11

His most favorite place to be is outside! He loves to run around, throwing any kind of ball he can get his hand on. I have no doubt he will be some type of athlete. He discovered the fun in the sprinkler over the weekend. Lance turned them on to water the grass, Hayes was fully clothed running through the water.

He likes to have his picture taken if it is his idea. He will see the camera in my hand and say “Cheeeee”. If it is not his idea we get a very serious, non-smiling picture.

5-7-14 011

He is not friendly to most people around. If you try to say hello to him, he will pretend like you are not there or shake his head no. However, again, if it is his idea he will wave to everyone and act like the friendliest kid around. One day he was doing this in the grocery store and everyone was ignoring him. Finally an older lady walked by and said hey back to him and he wasn’t sure what to do. He is also a bit of a bully to his friends. He has started pushing them with a huge grin on his face. I think he is just playing but he experienced his first time out over the weekend for being mean to his friend. He did not like that!

He is not a big fan of having to take a nap but he sleeps great!

5-7-14(phone) 308

He is dramatic! He screams if he is not getting his way…like having to take a nap.

He is rocking the curly hair! It is pretty amazing!

5-7-14(phone) 379

He loves the water! He loves baths! He will fight Sam to be able to sit closest to the running faucet. If he sees Sam getting undressed faster than he is he tried to jump in the tub with his clothes on. One day Reese turned the shower on to warm up and didn’t close the door. Hayes got in and was soaking wet by the time I saw him. He was so happy! I think he is going to love the pool this summer!

5-7-14(phone) 447

We just turned him around to face forward in the car a couple of weeks ago. He thinks he is such a big boy now.

5-7-14(phone) 436

He is healthy! We had his well visit this week. He weighs 26 lbs, 7 oz (79%). He is 32.75” tall (61%) and his head is 18.75” round (57%). He is still bigger than Sam was at the same age by about a pound and 3/4” but his head is the same size.

Happy 18 months, Hayesey Baby! We love you!

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