Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day of School ~ Sam

This sweet little guy started back to school today. All along he has said he was excited about it but I wasn’t so sure how it would go.

8-20-14 001

We switched schools again this year. I wanted him in a school that had an early fives program but had the option of going four days a week. I also wanted a bit of a smaller school. The preschool Reese went to was a sweet and small school which we loved. Last years school was huge so I felt a little overwhelmed there.

8-20-14 003

Yesterday morning Sam was able to meet his teachers. They both seem super sweet and very enthusiastic. He loved visiting his classroom. It is super far from the carline drop off but I am sure he didn’t have any trouble finding it this morning.

8-20-14 007

Last year Sam did not want to go to school and had huge tears when I dropped him off each day of the first week. However, this morning he was super excited and continued that way as he walked in the door. I was so proud of him and how brave he was.

8-20-14 016

We actually met a little boy at Chick-fil-a who ended up being in his class and the son of a girl I play tennis with is in his class. I am so excited to see how this year goes. I can’t believe it is his last year of preschool!!

8-20-14 018

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