Thursday, August 21, 2014


June 2009 ~ Sarah, Reese, and Olivia

6-21-09 016

August 2014 ~ Sarah, Reese, and Olivia

8-18-2014 026

It did my heart so happy to see these sweet girls this past weekend. We used to see them at least once a week before we moved and we haven’t seen them since Christmas. When I was planning dinner with their mom I had this feeling in my stomach that I couldn’t figure out. I eventually realized that it was what it feels like to be homesick and I realized that it was this family that I needed to see so badly. We went through so much with their family two years ago when their dad and one of our favorite friends passed away.

I first met their family when Olivia was in kindergarten (two months before I was pregnant with Reese). I met her as “Lady Bug”. Everyone called her Lady Bug. (When she was born Sarah couldn’t say Olivia and would say “O Lady Bug” and it stuck. There are many variations of her name and my kids have mostly called her Buggy.) I was teaching a kindergarten/first grade class at our church when this precious little girl came in crying. I asked her if she would sit in my lap and she did. And she sat in my lap every single Sunday until my belly was too big for her to sit in it anymore (I imagine this is why Reese has always loved her so much…they had a special bond from the beginning). The next school year we started a life group with six other couples and her parents were in our group. There was an instant connection between their dad and Lance. Our families became very close. A few months later their dad was diagnosed with a very rare disease. He fought it so bravely for three years and the girls were so amazing to watch through it all.

I hate it so much that we don’t see them as often anymore. After spending the evening with them, it is definitely a goal to not go that long between visits again. The kids all picked right up with them and they played the night away. What a sweet, sweet evening.

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