Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Out of the Mouth of Babes

*Monday, the boys and I went to the grocery store. As we walked up to the register and waited our turn I casually said that I forgot to put my wedding rings on. Sam looked at me with a horrified look and gasped as he said, "Now people aren't going to know you are married with Daddy!"

*Today as Reese got off the bus she was so excited to tell me that she finally had homework. She runs toward the house yelling that today was the best day ever. When I asked her why she said they finally got to do math and writing stuff in class. So glad she loves school!

*Hayes doesn't say much but he makes me laugh out loud almost every day. The big kids favorite thing to ask him is "Who poops in their pants?" (Because poop is funny...and a nonstop conversation around here). He used to say "me!" but now he has started answering with the name of the person asking him. The kids giggle and giggle.

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