Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sam's Future Wife

I just have to write this story down so I don't forget it. Sam has already been promised to many of Reese's friends as their future husband. There is Hallie, Reese's BFF. As well as her sister, Maddie. There is also our close friends daughter Maddy. She has a brother Sam's age and it was decided that Sam would marry Maddy and Reese would marry her brother. I thought that was the perfect set up. Then we could find sisters for the little boys to marry. There was also a little girl from Sam's class last year named Gigi. Sam would always Sam he was going to marry Gigi but that she was not his girlfriend.

Well yesterday a new girl was added to the list of future wives. One of Lance's good friends and his family moved near by so we have been able to spend more time with them. After school we went to their house to play for a little while. As their mom and I were talking their youngest daughter, Jocelyn, came running down stairs and begging her mom to let her go to Georgia Tech for college. When her mom asked her why she wanted to go to Georgia Tech, she said, "Because Sam is going to go to Georgia Tech and I am going to marry him so I want to go there too!" It was so funny and cute!! I had to take their picture together just incase it is needed for a future wedding reception. 😍

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