Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Magic Kingdom ~ Day 1

Next we were off to Magic Kingdom. We had decided the night before that we weren’t going to set an alarm for that morning. We would just wake up slowly. Well everyone was up and ready to go so we got to the park right as it was opening at 9:00. We decided that since the crowd was headed towards Fantasyland we would go the opposite way. We went to Adventureland first. Our first ride that morning was Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride.

9-20-14 223

After that we did Pirate’s of the Caribbean and then headed to Frontierland. Reese was most excited about this. She and Lance got in line for Thunder Mountain and got a parent swap pass for Sam and I. Reese had a blast but Sam decided there was no way he was getting on that ride. I honestly don’t know why but he flat out refused. So when Lance and Reese got off, Reese got to ride again with me.

9-20-14 229

After two rounds of Thunder Mtn she said she felt brave enough to go ahead and ride Splash Mountain. So off we went. I had forgotten how long of a ride it actually was. The wait was super short but it still took a while. Reese loved it and we hardly got wet. It was so hot out already though that it felt great.

9-20-14 248

After Splash Mountain, Claire called and said they were in the park so we headed to Fantasyland to meet them. They all looked so sweet in their matching shirts.

9-20-14 256

Reese and Hadley bonded super quick. Claire even said that Hadley woke up that morning asking to hold hands with Reese. She would ask Reese to hold her and loved holding her hand and giving her hugs.

9-20-14 258

Reese took total advantage of this and rode every ride she could with Claire’s sweet family.

9-20-14 265

9-20-14 270

Hayes loved all the rides he was big enough to ride.

9-20-14 281

9-20-14 288

9-20-14 289

Hayes was even tall enough to ride his first roller coaster. I think the pictures of Goofy’s Barnstormer are on Lance’s phone. As soon as it was over, Hayes was asking to do it again.

We walked up on the Festival of Fantasy parade about to start. The crowd was so light that day we had no trouble finding a spot to sit or getting to ride rides. The only ride that had a long wait was Peter Pan.

9-20-14 291

9-20-14 298

While we were walking around Claire said she had heard someone say there were still dinner reservations at Be Our Guest (Beast’s castle). This surprised me because I had tried to get us reservations there but had been unsuccessful. We decided to ask anyways and there was a 6:20 reservation for eight people! We were super excited to get to eat dinner together.

9-20-14 373

While we waited Hayes laid on the ground playing with his monorail train. He was obsessed with the monorail (I will post a video later). When we walked in to a store the first thing he saw was this model monorail and we knew he had to have it.

9-20-14 374

We got to eat in the Grand Ballroom. It was very pretty but our pictures didn’t turn out so well because of the lighting. The back window made it look like it was snowing outside. The Beast would make a grand entrance everyone once in a while as he walked to the library to have pictures made with guests.

9-20-14 377

I had the “gray stuff” for dessert and it was indeed delicious.

9-20-14 388

After dinner we headed in to the library for Reese to have her picture made with the Beast. This was the one and only character that Sam was having nothing to do with. He ran out of there so fast that Claire and Bryan took him outside so Reese could get her picture made.

9-20-14 410

9-20-14 414

After pictures we had to leave the park. There was another Halloween party that evening so the park closed at 7:00. If you were having dinner you could stay until dinner was over but you had an escort out of the park. Our escort had no idea how to actually get out of the park...we thought she just had a way she was supposed to take us as to not see some of the party but when she asked someone where to go we knew she was lost. She was walking us all over the place. It was crazy but oh so funny! At one point she even walked us up a street where the parade was about to start. It was lined with people waiting and some of them cheered for us as we were walking. Reese was totally embarrassed. We eventually made our way out and headed back to the room for showers and bed time.

Magic Kingdom day 2 next…

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