Thursday, September 25, 2014

Magic Kingdom ~ Day 2

We learned on our first trip to Disney when Reese was two that we needed at least two days in Magic Kingdom. And with just over two days spent in Magic Kingdom, I think we could have spent another day there. There is just so much to see and do that you never feel like you can get it all done.

9-20-14 423

Now, with all that being said, we did get to do some of our favorite things over and over and over again. I think Reese rode Thunder Mountain a total of ten times during those two-plus days. That is Reese and me in the front row for her second ride of the day and we finally got her to put her hands up.

9-20-14 451

She also rode Splash Mountain again with Lance. That is them in the last row. Reese is gripping on tight to Lance’s arm and I am pretty sure her eyes are closed. I was so proud of her and all of the rides that she rode. Going in to the week we told the kids they had to ride everything at least once so they knew what it was like. Reese did it…Sam did not. I forgot to mention that the night of the Halloween party Reese rode Space Mountain. I thought that almost ruined rides for the week but she was brave. On Space Mountain you don’t sit next to anyone else, it is in the dark, and you have no idea where you are going. I sat in front of Reese and reached my hand back so that she could hold it. The whole time she was saying that she didn’t like it and that she was never doing it again.

9-20-14 461

9-20-14 465

Next we did a Pirate Adventure treasure hunt. The kids enjoyed it but didn’t want to do more than one.

9-20-14 468

Reese got to see a lot of characters this day. The only ones we didn’t get to see that she wanted to see were Anna and Elsa. Their line was never less than 60 minutes long and we couldn’t get a fast pass. She didn’t feel like wasting her time in line waiting on them.

9-20-14 487

While Reese and Lance waited to see Mickey, I took the boys on a train ride. Again, Hayes was obsessed with the trains so he loved every minute of this.

9-22-14 384

Anastasia and Drizella are some of my favorite characters. The girl who is Drizella is just perfect! She is the same girl from the last time we were at Disney three years ago. I just love her. We asked one of the cast members while waiting in line something funny to ask them. They said to ask who was prettiest so we did. We ended up being the last people to get our pictures with them during that time so I think they were looking forward to their break so each of them just said that they themselves were the prettiest. I was a little bummed as we walked away. They ended up walking up behind us as they were headed to “meet their suitors” and Anastasia leaned down to Reese and asked her who she thought was the prettiest. Reese answered that Anastasia was the prettiest and Drizella came up from behind and said, “I heard that! I have feelings you know!”. It was such a fun interaction with them and Reese just grinned.

9-20-14 495

Like every other day, it was hot! We decided to take a little break and ride the PeopleMover. As we were finishing up our ride around the kids asked if we could do it again so we stayed on for one more loop.

9-20-14 496

9-20-14 497

After that we rode Buzz again.

9-20-14 499

9-22-14 398

Next we did Enchanted Tales with Belle. It was a cute interactive show.

9-20-14 502

9-20-14 505

Several of the kids got to be characters in the story. Reese was the Wardrobe and Sam was a salt shaker. The lighting was hard to get good pictures in there. We didn’t have any meals planned for this day so we headed back to BLT to have dinner.

9-22-14 401

After dinner Hayes was super tired so Lance took him back to the room to go to bed while I took the big kids out to see a movie on the lawn. They were playing Enchanted so we watched that for about 30 minutes and then headed up to the bridge to watch the fireworks from Magic Kingdom.

Next Hollywood Studios…

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The Randolph Family said...

You're really giving me the itch to FINALLY plan a trip! So fun to hear about your adventures! Sam and Hayes look so much alike in the pic on the train! So glad you had a great trip!!