Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tee Ball

I think from the day Lance found out we were having a boy he has been looking forward to the day he could play ball with him…and have him cut the grass. Sam finally started tee ball this fall and he was so excited. Much more so than soccer! He has had several practices and enjoyed each of them. The dad’s come out of the field to help out and I think Sam likes having Lance there with him. This past Saturday he got his jersey and hat. He is number 3 on the Braves! So exciting! He didn’t take his hat off most of Saturday and has worn it at least once each day since then.

Yesterday they finally had their first game. I had no expectations for it at all. It was definitely slow going. Each kid on each team got to bat once each inning. They ended up only doing two innings (it took over an hour). And every kid on the team plays in the field. There are at least 12 kids on his team. In the first inning Sam played center-ish field. Their team was in the field first.

9-3-14 009

Then it was time to bat. Since Sam is number 3, he gets to bat third.

9-3-14 011

When they are up to bat, the coach pitches to them three times. If they don’t get a hit in those three pitches, they hit off the tee. Sam’s first time up, on the third pitch from the coach, he hit the ball! We were so excited for him.

During the second inning Sam got to play third base. I didn’t get to watch him because Hayes was all over the place but Lance said he did really great. He stopped two grounders as they headed his way.

9-3-14 027

The second time he was up to bat he hit a really great ball from the tee.

He had fun playing tee ball and I think he is really going to enjoy this season!!

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Leah Denmark said...

He got Aunt Leah's favorite number! Not to mention, the great Dale Murphy! Yay!! What a champ!