Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Magical Vacation

We spent this past week at Disney World!! It was so much fun!

Saturday morning we drove to Tampa. I have family there and we decided it would be fun to visit them since we would be so close. The plan was the stay with my cousin who has a son the same age as Sam but on Friday he came down with a stomach bug. Instead we stayed with my aunt and uncle which worked out perfectly. My other cousin’s daughter, Ava (she is a year younger than Reese), was able to spend the night too so the kids had a blast. They all played so well together. As soon as we arrived the kids changed in to their swim suits and jumped in the pool. We really missed having Haiden there to play. They would have had a blast with him too.

9-22-14 332

Sunday morning every one was up bright and early. After a little more visiting and playing, we headed towards Orlando.

9-22-14 451

9-22-14 334

An hour and a half later, we were driving under this exciting sign!

9-22-14 341

We arrived before check-in so we played in the pool for about four hours. There were a lot of fun games happening out by the pool, there was a spray pad, and a huge slide. The slide was definitely the highlight of our pool time. I wish I had a water proof case for my phone so that I could have taken some pictures of Hayes on the slide. He had a blast and each time had a huge grin on his face as he went down.

9-22-14 453

9-22-14 465

We were all so tired but it was finally time to get cleaned up and head to Magic Kingdom for the Halloween Party. We went in to the park around 6:00 and the kids all had their costumes on. Reese was Pocahontas, Sam was a Ninja Turtle (but decided not to wear his turtle shell), and Hayes was a train engineer.

9-20-14 032

9-20-14 039

We headed over to Tomorrowland to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride. We saw that Buzz was out so we went to take pictures with him. Reese loved meeting all of the characters this time. Sam was not interested. He was a little nervous about them still. He didn’t get upset but he would just stand off to the side. By the end of the week he was at least giving some of them high fives but did not want his picture made with anyone. Hayes didn’t like them either. He would climb up us if we were holding him or turn away from them and say “No Mama No!”.

9-20-14 040

9-20-14 046

We were able to get a lot of fun rides in that night. The park was not crowded at all.

9-22-14 343

9-20-14 053

At the start of the party there was a dance party with monsters from Monsters University. Reese had a blast

9-20-14 064

While the boys stood off to the side.

9-20-14 076

Reese and I decided to wait in line to see the Seven Dwarfs. The only time they are all seven out together for pictures is during special parties so we knew we wouldn’t get that chance again during the week.

9-20-14 087

While we waited in line Lance took Sam to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. He was super excited about his first roller coaster. Unfortunately that ended up being the biggest roller coaster he rode all week. We couldn’t get him on another one. He did ride that one again through out the week though.

9-20-14 085

We also watched a show at the castle, did some trick-or-treating, and rode several other rides.

9-20-14 092

We waited for the 10:30 parade to start. While we were waiting Reese and I went in to some stores. We gave each of the big kids some spending money to spend on whatever they wanted. It worked out great because they didn’t ask us for anything. They just had to decide if it was worth it to use their own money for what they saw. It was really neat to watch them make decisions about their purchases. While Reese and I were shopping, both boys fell asleep in the stroller. They slept through the entire LOUD parade.

9-20-14 109

The parade had tons of characters, especially villians from Disney movies. It was a good parade but Reese thought it was scary. There were some scary looking “ghosts” from the Haunted Mansion ride. I guess it worked out well that the boys were asleep so they weren’t scared too.

9-20-14 122

To be continued…

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