Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Superhero Party

Hayes's best buddy, G*, from his school class had a Superhero party to celebrate his birthday last weekend. They were so happy to see each other when we arrived and G kept telling all of his parents friends that Hayes was his best friend. He would say, "This is Hayes. He is my best friend." This is the first time that I have spent any time with him or his parents. We have said hello while at school functions but that is about it.

There were capes and mask, an obstacle course with "lasers", a place to shoot balloons with Nerf guns, and a Spiderman piñata.

They had pizza and CFA nuggets for dinner and superhero cake for dessert. G has a sweet little heart. He didn't want to hit the piñata when all of the other kids did and he hid his face when everyone was singing to him. If he saw someone get hurt he would ask them if they were ok.

*I didn't want to put his name on here because G needs your prayers. He has leukemia. I don't know all of the exact details but I think he was two-ish when he was diagnosed. If you have a second to pray for him and his healing, I know it would do some good! Especially with the winter coming around and all the sickness that is shared between kids. Thank you!

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