Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2017

Christmas has come and gone and I never quite understand how it goes by so fast. We had been anticipating the season for weeks and the kids were so excited when it finally rolled around. The 23rd was the official kick-off to our Christmas weekend. Lance had to work that day so the kids and I ran some final errands and got the boys hair cut. That night our church was having a Christmas Eve (eve) service so we attended the 5:00 service. After the service, we headed to MPC to eat dinner.

It was packed and this is how we all felt while we waited for our food...

After dinner, we drove around and looked at a few lights and then decided to head back home...

...to watch Home Alone. Hayes made it through the first few minutes and he was out.

The 24th, the kids woke up excited because it was going to be the first of Christmas celebrations. We headed to Lance's sister's house around noon and spent the afternoon with his family.

Cousins...not sure what that blur is on the side of these pictures.

Silly pose...that apparently only my kids wanted to do...

 Lance's mom gave the kids all of their gifts in these big stockings. Hayes cracks me up!

After celebrating Christmas with them, they were off to their church service and we headed home. But first, it has become tradition for us to go to a movie on Christmas Eve. We started this several years ago and the kids look forward to it each year! This year we saw Sing! After the movie we headed home to wrap the night up and head to bed. This was the first year that I wrapped gifts ahead of time and I have to say it was amazing!! That evening was much more relaxed than years past.

We told the kids not to get up before 6:00 but apparently Reese and Sam were in cahoots. Sam always wakes up early so Reese told him to wake her up as soon as he woke up. The two of them came in to our room at 5:00. I wanted to be grumpy with them but I knew they were excited. We decided they had to just hang out in our room until 6:00. However, Hayes came walking in my room at 5:40 and it was all over after that. Lance headed down stairs to get all the lights turned on while I read them the story of Jesus' birth (not that they were really listening to me).

Finally we let them loose and the fun got to start.

They had fun and were excited about all of their gifts. And our house looked like a bomb went off in it.

We had breakfast and every one checked out all of their gifts.

We had planned to stay in our pajamas for the day while we were at my parents house so there was no getting ready involved. We left for my parents house around 11:00 and got there right around noon. The kids played and goofed off with my dad while we waited for Becca and Tommy to arrive.

Once they were there, the kids were ready for more presents. They were super excited about everything once again.

We went to Waffle House for a late lunch (while still in our pjs).

And then we went back to my parents house for a little while longer before heading home with full bellies and happy hearts.

And we all felt like Hayes once again!

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