Sunday, December 18, 2016

Life Group Christmas Party

We started a new life group back in August and from the beginning this group just clicked. Each couple is so special and we have enjoyed getting to know them all. We had a Christmas party this past Friday and it was so fun!

Lance was gifted a few bottles of red wine a couple of months ago so we brought one of them to share with our group. We looked it up and it was a $100 bottle of wine so we had to try it! We usually just buy our faves at the grocery store or Costco so this was fun to try. Unfortunately when we were taking the cork out it crumbled in the bottle. So Lance used a sifter to sift it out in to a jar. It was pretty funny to watch. And no, it was not a tacky sweater party...Lance just wanted to wear his tacky sweater.

All the ladies...

The morning of the party these four guys went to play golf. It was freezing but they had a blast. They played a game where the losers had to serve the winners that night at the party. Can you guess who won?

We did a white elephant gift exchange. There were a lot of great gifts...

And one interesting gift...a live lobster. He took it like a champ though and cooked it that night when he got home.

We played a game and had so much fun and lots of laughs!

And took some cute pictures...that's about right...joyful and bah humbug!

It really was such a fun night and we can't wait to have fun with these guys again soon!

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