Sunday, December 18, 2016


A couple of weeks ago Reese was doing a back walkover and fell. She is having a tumbling block. She can do a back walkover...she has been doing it for a while now...but for some reason she started blocking. She would crumble to her left as she went backwards. At first we just laughed about it and didn't know what was going on. One night at cheer practice she did it and fell with all of her weight on to her straightened out left arm. She held it together during practice but the second she saw me she started crying. I asked her if it just hurt a little bit or if it hurt enough to go to the doctor. She said she needed to go to the doctor. We talked about it with Lance and slept on it that night. The next morning she said it was still hurting pretty bad so I took her to an urgent care first thing in the morning. They took x-rays and said their was no break. The doctor gave her a sling and said to wear it for 3-5 days until she was feeling better. A couple of days later they called and said the radiologist looked at the x-rays and that everything looked good. By that Sunday (we visited the doctor on a Wednesday), she was fine and playing around. Wednesday she had tumble again and would come off the floor for water and cry that her arm was hurting. I kept telling her it was just still a little sensitive but that she was tough. The next Wednesday before leaving for her tumble class she cried and cried that she didn't want to go. She said she was afraid it was going to still hurt. I was a little annoyed at this point because she really didn't talk much about it hurting except on tumble days and I thought she was trying to get out of tumbling. When we would ask her how bad it hurt on a scale of 1-10 she would say a 5. The girl cries when I brush her hair so we aren't really sure what "hurt" means to her sometimes. Finally Wednesday night we said we would schedule an appointment with an orthopedist for the next day to get it checked again. Lance took her and the x-rays from the urgent care on Thursday afternoon. He said as soon as the orthopedist looked at the x-rays from the urgent care place he saw a break in her elbow. I think the urgent care doctor focused on her wrist instead of her elbow and missed the break. When he texted me that it was broken I felt SO bad. I could just picture myself giving her a hard time and telling her to suck it up...when her arm was actually broken!! So now she is in a cast for the next three weeks...through Christmas and New Years! She is taking it like a champ though. She needs help doing a few things but is happy that she has a holiday break from cheer so that she doesn't miss much. I think she will only have to sit out at three practices with her cast and then will need to take it easy for a little bit after that. That was the only time she cried once she knew she was getting a cast because she thought she wouldn't be able to cheer. Hopefully she will heal quickly and recover quickly so she can get back out there with her team. Of course Friday at school was so fun because everyone wanted to sign her cast. I had to drop something off to her a little before 9:00 and it was full of signatures. 

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