Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Hayes's team is the Diamondbacks this spring. My poor third kid never gets professional pictures made so one day I got him outside and took a few pictures before his game and then took a few while they warmed up.

 I love this series of pictures. He was ready for the ball to be thrown to him and you can see that he caught it and how proud he is of himself. He watched it all the way in to his glove.

This particular game Hayes begged to play catcher. That position in tee ball is usually reserved for the kid who isn't that in to the game that day because they don't get to do that much. But since Hayes begged, Lance let him play back there. He did more than any other catcher usually does in tee ball. At one point the other coach told Lance that Hayes was doing a good job giving him a target to pitch to.

We have loved watching him play this season and love his passion for it!

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