Sunday, April 23, 2017

Six Flags Cheer Competition

Reese's last competition of the season was held at Six Flags. It was a last minute location move and I have to say I was not very impressed with the competition itself. As always, their team looked great though and they had a lot of fun! We had to be there two hours early so while Reese and I waited with her team, Lance took the boys around to ride some rides. It was a hot day so thankfully we were in some shade.

Reese and two sweet girls from her team.

The boys would check in occasionally.

Finally it was time to compete. They were so cute standing on the edge of running out to the floor.

Cobalt took first place (out of only two I think). That is her head coach. 

Our sweet, sweet friends came to cheer Reese on. Not often you can get in to a cheer competition for free (there was no cost other than admission to the park and we all have season passes).

We walked around the park for a bit but realized it was just too packed to enjoy ourselves so we all headed home to hang out instead.

BOY CAR! Suns out, guns out...once again for those sweet babies of ours.

It was a fun and hot day! 

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