Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hayes Happenings

I guess it is obvious that I spend most of my time with Hayes. So most of my pictures have to do with him. 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he and his best friend Denver get to spend a lot of time together. A couple of times we have met them at the ball park for lunch and to play. This particular day this sweet groundsman was digging up the pitchers mound and replacing it with a new one. The boys were so interested and he let them each help. He gave them the shovel and let them dig in the dirt. They loved it and the next time Hayes and I saw him, Hayes remembered who he was.

He loves toys! All toys! He can entertain himself all day with toys. He has a fun little imagination. Each morning that we are going to school he always grabs at least two toys to bring so we can play with them while we wait in car line.

On Thursdays, the Sky Zone near us has toddler time so we have been going there quite often. Some days they even have theme days. This particular day was Dr. Suess day.

Hayes had seen some Monster Truck videos on You Tube Kids so when he saw the ad for it at CFA he said he wanted to go. Lance took both boys with some friends and they had a good time. Lance said it wasn't what he expected and Hayes fell asleep during some of the show!

A fireman was testing the fire hydrant one after noon after church so the kids watched as he did this.

Spring School Pictures...

Hayes has loved playing baseball again this spring. He is doing great and starting to figure things out a bit more. He is still one of the younger ones on the team but you would never know. He has also started showing interest in watching the Braves on TV.

More Sky Zone...the sky ladder

One day we were talking about Elle and I told him I would swaddle him like her. He thought it was so funny!

Waiting on Sam to round the corner so we could attack him with Nerf guns.

Hanging out at tumble practice with his buddy, Annie.

Hayes had a game one evening and I was running around getting everything ready. I came around the corner and Sam had helped Hayes get all dressed. It was so cute to see him ready for his game with Sam's help. His pants may have been a little high but it was the effort that counted. (don't mind his silly face)

Again with the silly faces. St Patrick's Day at the big kids school.

One night when we were getting ready for bed, I looked in his room and he was "reading" this book by himself.

Baseball bucket mishap

He plays baseball outside as much as he can.

He was playing with all these toys one day and I asked him what they were doing and he said sleeping (they are all face down).

More Sky Zone...Hayes wanted them both to wear their football jersey's this day.

Wearing bright colors helps me keep up with him!

Two little peeps hanging out at tumble. It took a lot of bargaining to get this picture.

Playing at the playground. They think that if it is warm, they need to take their shirts off.

The bargaining from the peeps picture was a treat at the soccer game. And the Reese's peanut butter egg was so good he wanted to save some for later all over his face.

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