Monday, May 15, 2017

End of Season Wrap-up

We have wrapped up all Spring sports...and it was crazy! Getting everyone to where they needed to be and on time took some coordination and juggling but we had fun! 

Last weekend Sam's team had their end of season tournament. It turned out like his whole season...they lost every game but I think Sam enjoyed it. The weekend before the tournament Sam got his first goal. I missed seeing it because I was over at Reese's field watching her game but Lance saw it and was so proud!

After their tournament, they had a little pizza party.

This past weekend Hayes's team wrapped up their run in the baseball tournament. It was double elimination and on Saturday morning they lost their second game. The boys seemed to really enjoy playing and were super excited about getting a trophy (some for the first time ever). Hayes is going to play summer baseball and he can't wait. He really loves baseball.

After Hayes's game, we went straight to the soccer fields for Reese's soccer tournament to get started. Of course, there was still a little baseball playing while at the soccer fields.

Reese's team played great during both games on Saturday. They looked great and worked great together. Reese scored two goals in each game.

But Sunday they played a team that killed them each time they played them during the season. The game started out not looking too terrible but they were definitely out played. They ended up losing that game and ended their run in the tournament. This was the first game all season that Reese didn't score a goal.

What little brothers do while their sisters play soccer in the hot sun...

Reese has been blessed with an amazing coach for the last four years. He cares so much about them and about them growing in the game! We are so grateful for his influence on her!

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