Saturday, May 20, 2017

Economics Day

All of first grade had Economics Day on Friday. There are five classes and each classroom was a different type of store/experience. For a couple of weeks the kids earned money for good behavior and different tasks throughout the school day. Sam walked about of his class for the first stop with $45. 

The first room they went to was a salon. They could get their hair spray painted, fingers nails painted, massages, and tattoos. Hayes had to tag along with us since school was out already and Sam was super sweet with him. He offered to pay for everything Hayes did (which was almost everything Sam did). Most teachers didn't make him pay for Hayes though.

The next stop was a theater. They each had to pay $3 to get in to this classroom and then they could choose if they wanted to buy popcorn and a juice box. They watched an episode of Phineus and Ferb.

Next up was a game room. I didn't spend a lot of time in this room because I went back to Sam's classroom to help out some in there. I think the only things they really paid for in here was candy and water.

The next stop was a dance party which they also had to pay to get in to. The room was dark, there was a disco ball, strobe light, and music playing. They could buy glow in the dark necklaces and water in there. I didn't stay long in there either.

The last stop was the Ice Cream Parlor. This was in Sam's classroom. It was $2 for plain ice cream or $5 for a Sundae. There were not many $2 purchases. Most kids seemed to have a little ice cream with all of their toppings.

All of the kids seemed to have a blast! They were so cute with their money. Many of them would get worried because all they had was a $10 bill and they needed to pay $3. They didn't understand the concept of change. Luckily Sam has played Monopoly enough to know that you can get money back. I don't know exactly how much money Sam had left over but he did a great job spending his money wisely. He would think about what all was left to do before he paid for something. I'm so glad I got to go to be a part of this day with his class. Reese's first grade teacher did not participate in Economics Day when Reese was in first grade so she was a little jealous of what Sam got to do. Hayes had a blast just hanging out with Sam and lucky for him he will get to do it again in the next few years!

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