Friday, May 19, 2017

Hayes's Last Day of School

Hayes had his last day of school on Monday. He was so excited about it!

I asked him to show me his happy dance.

He is so cute!

His class had a pizza party and then an ice cream truck came at the end of the day. 

Hayes is so funny about his teachers. I know he loves them but he refused to take a picture with them. Finally I was able to talk him in to it. This was his assistant teacher and we just loved her. We see her around a lot because our kids go to the same school and her sons play baseball at the same ballpark. Whenever we would see her Hayes would act all shy and not want to say hey.

This was his head teacher and she was great. She was pretty strict with the kids and expected a lot of them. It was a nice balance to have and Hayes learned so much! They did Zoo Phonics this year and each night Hayes would ask me to "ask me my animals". We do five letters each night. (A...Allie Alligator says...; B...Bubba Bear says...)

Hayes and his best buddy from class. I'm so glad they get to be in class together again next year.

First day and last day comparison...