Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4th of July Weekend

We started celebrating the 4th early this year. On the 3rd, we decided to go tubing in Helen. Kristin and I did this with the kids last summer and we had so much fun we wanted the dads to get to go this summer too. All of the kids wore their tie dyed shirts we had recently made and we headed up bright and early. The first tube goes in the water at 9:00 and we wanted to be there for that so we left around 7:00 in the morning. It was the perfect timing! We had a blast once again.

After our two hour trip down the river, we all changed and had lunch in downtown Helen at the same restaurant we ate at a couple of NYE's ago. There is a spot on the river where you come down a little hill and some one nailed fake snakes on the trees. As you come down the hill, the river pushes you towards the trees and so many people scream at the sight of the fake snakes. It was really so funny and the kids were getting a kick out of watching this happen.

We headed back home and Lance's GPS took us on some really sketchy roads. Not sure what that was about!

One of our favorite nights is the 3rd of July fireworks so we headed home to rest for a few minutes before heading back out to see those. We got in the car to head that way and Hayes said his stomach hurt. I jokingly said, "Don't throw up in Daddy's new truck!" Famous last words because with in three minutes he was throwing up and some one was not happy! We think he was just exhausted from the day and probably a little dehydrated. We came straight back home and Lance spent a good hour at least cleaning his truck. I decided to stay home with Hayes while Lance took the other two to watch the fireworks.

He took a "Jet Bath" and then I put him to bed early.

On the 4th, Lance and I spent the morning cleaning out our garage. In it's current state we could not fit both the truck and my van in there. We worked hard and got it all organized and then took the kids to the pool for a little while.

That night we cooked outing played baseball at one house and then headed to another house to watch fireworks and shoot off our own.

It was exactly what you hope the 4th of July would be like!! Such a fun weekend with friends and family.

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