Friday, July 28, 2017

NYC/BOS 2017 - Reese's 10th Birthday

Reese and I woke up bright and early on her birthday to head down to GMA. It was a block from our hotel and she was so excited to go. When we walked outside around 6:20 it was already so bright. We ran in to Starbucks for some coffee and breakfast before setting ourselves up at the window.

Robin Roberts was the first one to sit at the desk around 6:30.

Right at 7:00 when they were going to start recording, Reese put her sign she had made up on the fence.

This tall handsome guy to Reese's left (below) came up to me and asked if it was really her birthday. I said yes and he said "follow me". He immediately starts talking in to his wrist and telling some one on the other side that he was bringing two special guests in. We went through security and then waited until a commercial break.

We were standing next to Dan Abrams the whole time we waited for a break!

The next security lady walked us over to the window and we got to sit in the window while they filmed the 7:00 part of the show.

The people over my shoulder were some ladies we had been talking to outside before being brought in.

Robin was heading outside to talk to people out there and she stopped by to talk to us at the window. The ladies that had been next to us outside ended up being brought inside too. There were about 12 of us sitting in this window area.

After Robin came back inside, they brought all 12 of us to this little small room and she took pictures with each of us.

After the pictures with Robin, they put us in an elevator that was the size of a small bus and took us upstairs to watch the 8:00 hour being filmed.

We were sitting right next to the teleprompter. Most of the people that were already in this room had tickets to get in. We had looked at tickets but it said you had to be 16 so we ended up not doing it. It was definitely more fun this way!

They were very strict about phones and you could only take pictures during commercial breaks.

Queen Latifah was one of the guests and she was just as cute and fun as I would expect.

We had SO much fun that morning!!

After GMA, we met the boys at breakfast and then we all headed to the Air and Space Museum.

This was a space craft landing simulator. Hayes and Reese both crashed their space craft. Sam had his almost on the runway and then crashed at the very last second. I was so impressed with his landing skills.

 The kids bought some astronaut ice cream and we all tried it. It was interesting but not bad.

Reese and I were able to explore the Aircraft Carrier and the Space Shuttle but had to leave before going in to the submarine.

Reese and I left because we had tickets to go see Aladdin. We were so excited about this experience.

The theater was so pretty! We chose to have front row seats in the balcony so that no one was sitting in front of us. It was a great show! We both raved about it on the way back to the hotel.

After the show we met the boys back in the room and then headed out. We walked to Rockefeller Center and walked through the Lego store.

Then we were off to find some dinner. We found a burger place but once we sat down we all decided we weren't really hungry so we decided on dessert for dinner. We celebrated Reese's birthday with milkshakes to end our night.

I hope Reese never forgets this birthday! It was such a fun day and I had a blast hanging out with my girl.

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