Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ten Years in the Making

When I was pregnant with Reese, Lance drove a Dodge Ram. He loved that truck! But we decided that we needed more of a family car since we thought I would go back to work. We sold his truck and got him a car. Since that day, he has wanted another truck but we just never felt like the time was right. We even got rid of his first car and got him another sedan to drive. His commute is long and we tried to do what was best financially because at the time gas was super expensive and we still had three kids in car seats. 

BUT, the day finally has come! He is now a truck owner once again and I don't think he could be happier. He has spent the last two years looking at and researching trucks so he knew what he wanted when the day came around. 

We spent ALL.DAY at the dealership it felt like. And we finally got to drive that bad boy away!

Waving good-bye to his car in the mirror!

The kids had been at my parents house and we didn't tell them what we were doing. When we met up with them to pick the kids up, we pulled up next to them in the parking lot and they all just stared. They didn't know what to think! They were so excited!

We happened to run in to our friends at dinner that night and their kids were just as excited as ours.

It has been so fun for Lance to have a truck again and to be comfortable on his ride in to work each day.

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