Friday, February 23, 2007

Am I Crazy?

I am beginning to think so...and I think Lance does too. I don't understand what my problems is with getting bigger and growing out of my clothes. Last night I almost had a break down trying to figure out what clothes to pack for our anniversaripalooza weekend. I ONLY NEED CLOTHES FOR ONE DAY!! Nothing looks right when it is on. Nothing makes me happy to wear it. How is this possible? Don't get me wrong...I am totally happy that my baby is growing. I just wish there were cuter clothes out there for me to wear and that I had unlimited amounts of money in my bank account to purchase these clothes. I can't go broke buying clothes...we still have to buy baby stuff. I was told there was a consignment sale at Mt. Paran Church in March. It apparently has tons of baby stuff there every year. Maybe the rich Buckhead moms will have taken their old maternity clothes there as well. I am definitely going to try to go!! I wonder if all this will be easier to handle with a second child?? Wait...let's make it through #1 with out talking about #2.

Three days until we know the sex of our baby!! I can't wait!!

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