Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It happened today

Some one was actually brave enough to ask me if I am pregnant this morning. Today was only my second day wearing a full maternity outfit. (I am not totally comfortable with all the attention my co-workers gave me the first time so I didn't wear them again until today.) Actually, the shirt I am wearing today will probably last through nine months so I think that is where her courage came from. She was so sweet about it though. She said she has wanted to ask me for a couple of days but was afriad to. I guess my outfit gave it away today.

If you have never been pregnant before, you would be surprised at how emotional it is to actually put on maternity clothes. Not emotional in the sense that you are happy about it...emotional that now you just look fat in your clothes! A while back I had a co-worker who was pregnant for the first time and I was totally surprised to hear her have these thoughts and feelings. I was like "Hey lady, your pregnant...get over it!" Now I totally feel her pain!! Not only are your old clothes not fitting anymore, you are having to go out and buy clothes...clothes that look like old lady clothes. So now you don't just look pregnant, you look like a pregnant grandma.

Sorry for the rant...but it's my blog!!!

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