Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dave FM

Yesterday on my way to yoga from work I was flipping the channels on my radio (which is very rare). I clicked on Dave FM and "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" was playing. I love this song. It takes me back to when I was younger...I actually think I remember dancing to this song for a recital or competition. It turns out that every afternoon from 5:00-6:00 Dave FM plays 80's music. How fun is that? It is like reading a really good book...one that you get lost in and can get away from what is going on in your real life. It takes you back and reminds you of how simple life was when you were younger. Snap back to reality though when the DJ announces that Danny Wood turned 38 yesterday. Who you ask? Danny...from New Kids on the Block. I realized that NKOTB (as they were later known) was popular EIGHTEEN years ago...oh my gosh...how could it have been that long ago. I remember them like it was yesterday...except I was nine years old then. How did time go by so fast? Moving on to 7:15 last night on my way home from yoga...Dave FM was playing ALL Michael Jackson songs. I don't know how long that went on but I heard three songs by MJ in between commercials and talking. I heard Thriller and Billie Jean...what great songs! I felt like I should start moonwalking...

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog! Much more fun than Lance's blog. I have been cracking up at everything you have on here! :) Anyway, love you so much! 62 more days! YAY!