Monday, May 28, 2007

Long Weekends

I love long weekends. It is so relaxing when you realize on Sunday that you do not have to go to work the next day! This weekend was nice and relaxing for us. Friday night was just a quiet night at home. Saturday I got my haircut, went to my cousin, Celeste's, high school gradutation party, and then had dinner at Chops with Lance. We figured we don't have too many nights left to do something alone so we had a date night. I had a gift card to Buckhead Life so we lived it up. After dinner we went down to Atlantic Station to go to Stone Cold Creamery for dessert...but it was WAY to packed to be enjoyed so we left and went to Bruster's. We ran in to some college friends there which was fun. Sunday and Monday were both relaxing and quiet days at home. We ventured out to the pool for a little while both days. The water is still freezing!! Anyways, the weekend is almost over so I am going to enjoy laying around for a little while longer. I have definitely started to notice myself slowing down and getting tired faster.

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