Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crib Nap Fight - Round 1

Since Reese will be three months old on Friday, I decided it was time to start the battle of getting her to sleep in her crib during nap time. For the last three months she has slept in her swing during naps. So yesterday I started the fight. I know it is going to take a few days to win this battle but I am ready. Yesterday morning she woke around 9, I fed her and then we went to Babies R Us. By the time we got home I knew she was super sleepy so I headed to her room. I turned on her music, fed her, and then rocked her to sleep. Once she was asleep I laid (I never know if it is laid or layed) her in her crib. She slept for about five minutes and then woke up crying. So I rocked her to sleep again and laid her down. This time she slept for about 10 minutes. Again...this happened several times. I finally thought I had her so I went downstairs to make a lunch and she woke again. Went through the whole routine again and this time she slept for about 40 minutes. Just long enough for me to enjoy lunch and get the downstairs vacuumed and dusted. Mommy 1 - Reese 0. So we are trying this again today. I started around 9 this morning to get her to nap because she was sleepy...it is now 9:30...I have been in there once so far...we will see how it goes. I am going to win this battle and finally be the boss around here! ; )

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