Monday, October 15, 2007


*From the second Reese was laid on my belly after being born people have said how much she looks like her daddy. Not one single time has anyone said she looks like her mommy...until yesterday...A lady at church said she has my eyes. I don't know if she really does or not but I was so shocked to hear that I had to share.

*This past week Reese had an upset stomach for a couple of days. She was throwing up and refusing to go to sleep at night. For the first time since she was born I had to take her temperature RECTALLY! It was so scary. Luckily she never had a temperature (yes, I had to do it more than once). At least that first time is out of the way.

*We took Reese to a pumpkin patch this weekend...well it wasn't really a pumpkin patch as much as it was a bunch of pumpkins on crates. Anyways, here is a picture of her from there.

*Here is a video of Reese having some tummy time. She does really well for the first minute but if she is down there for much longer she is not happy! I bet she will be rolling over soon!

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Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

she is so cute! I wish I could get up there to see her. My mom is so excited that she gets to come up for Papa's birthday at the end of the month and see Reese. :)