Monday, April 21, 2008

Nine Month Check-up

Today was Reese's nine month check-up and two shot day. Today she weighed 20 lbs, 6 oz (70-something percentile), is 28 1/4 inches long (70-something percentile), and her head is 18 inches around (91 percentile). She has definitely slowed down her growing and I think her weight has slowed because she is moving around so much now. They pricked her finger first and tested her iron and did a lead test. She was not happy about them pricking her finger. After the prick, they gave her two shots. Even more unhappy now. The nurse left the room and then came back in and Reese started crying again. She didn't want that mean old nurse near her. Poor baby has had a rough day after such a busy weekend!

On Friday night Lance's cousin Claire came to visit with us. She was coming in town for a bachelorette party so she spent time with us as well. Saturday my mom and I had a wedding shower for my best friend from high school, Adrienne. It was fun and went off pretty well. Lance and my dad took Reese to her first Georgia Tech football game...it was a practice game. Then we spent the evening with my parents. Sunday we went to church as normal and then Lance's parents and nephew, Dalton, came over to visit with us and Claire. It was a family filled weekend!

Reese with Daddy at GT

Claire and Reese

We put Reese down in the grass and she acted like such a girl...she didn't want to put her hands or feet down in the grass.

Then she got adventerous

Looking cute!!

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