Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Work Hard, Play Hard

We have been busy working hard around here!! This past week we have painted the living room and dining room and we completely cleaned up outside. We planted flowers and shrubs, laid pine straw every where, cut the grass, and probably a ton of other stuff I am forgetting. We had an agent caravan (similar to an open house but for agents) on Tuesday so we wanted to get things situated nicely for that!! Lance put in a ton of time and effort in to getting most of this done. He worked hard so he is getting to play hard today. He is at the Masters Practice Round today with some people he does business with.

Before: The backyard after the monsoon came through...we have a lake in the back yard...and what looks like a mudslide

After: The lake has dried up...and you have to appreciate all of the pine straw on the hill!

My work around the front tree...there were more flowers...they died during the snow!

Now for play...

We had to move the mattress down in the crib after this stunt...

Tornado Reese...I love to pull everything out of the basket and chew on the nail clippers

Our new view

Those sweet eyes...I can't count the number of compliments I have received on her eyes...if we could get a dollar for every time we would have her college paid for by now!!

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