Friday, April 18, 2008

Picture Stories

Here are some stories through pictures.
I found Reese like this the other morning. On the left side of the picture you can see her "aquarium". Before I moved her mattress down she would turn it on all of the time because it was so close to eye level. Now she turns it on occassionally. This particular morning I found her with it on and she was watching it like a TV. She was leaning up against the side of the crib and looked too cute not to photograph.

Puppy Reese. Since she has been trying to cut those top two teeth she carries everything in her mouth. She looks like a puppy when she is running through the house.

Some afternoons she sleeps really hard. She slept for two hours before I took this picture. She was so sweaty when I got her out of bed.

We had to get Reese a new carseat this past weekend. She was getting too big for the infant carrier. I think its max was 22 pounds and 30 inches or so. I am not sure how tall she is but she is definitely creeping up on the 22 pounds mark!

And she loves it! The first few days we had it she fell asleep almost every time we put her in it. She doesn't fuss as much any more when I am trying to put her in the car. I think she really loves all the extra space she has. The only problem is there is no where to hang toys from so she gets bored after she throws her toys down.

I bought her some new bows the other day. This one lasted less than a day. Some how she threw it out of her stroller while we were at the park with out me knowing. The next lap around I looked for it but it was no where to be found. A dog must have found it.

I bought her some food that has chunks in it. She didn't hate it but she wasn't quite sure what to think. She ate it all so it must not have been too bad. Here she has a small carrot stuck to her face.
Reese will be nine months old tomorrow! Wow!!

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Cathy said...

How much fun we have seeing all the pictures and reading all the stories you post of Reese...we like seeing you and Lance too :) Reese is just too cute for words...can't wait to kiss those sweet little cheeks of hers when we see you all this summer! Love to you all, Cathy