Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So here is a recap on getting Reese to "cry it out"! Sunday night I didn't have to let her cry it out because she fell asleep during her bedtime feeding. Last night I left her to cry it out and she only cried for about 20 minutes this time (ten minutes less than Saturday night). Naps are a different story. I think we are going to have to work on those later after we get the night time down!!

Here are some sweet pictures...

She can pull herself up to standing on some things like her little music station. No, she doesn't have on a crop top...I had to tuck her shirt away because her knees would catch on it when she was crawling.

Too cute in her giraffe dress.

This is a dress some friends of ours brought back from Guatemala. I got so many compliments on it the day she wore it. Isn't it precious?

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