Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Tale of Two Stories

Date: Tuesday, May 6th
Time: 7 PM
Story: Lance was running late Tuesday night. I was letting Reese navigate the downstairs like normal. She usually goes in to her playroom and plays. She will come to check on me occasionally or I will go to check on her if she is quiet. All of a sudden I hear a loud smack on the hardwood. I run in to the foyer to see Reese pushing her self up off of her face and starts to scream. What in the world did she do I wonder to myself. She doesn't have that far to fall so she shouldn't be screaming like this. She will occasionally push herself up to standing at the bottom of the stairs but that is still not a far fall...nothing she hasn't done before. While she is still screaming Lance walks in the door. She stops for a second and then reaches for him. He takes her and she screams some more. She apparently wasn't getting enough sympathy from me. She eventually calms down and we start her bedtime routine. She goes to bed as normal and then around 11:30 wakes up...and doesn't go back to sleep until 3:00 AM!!

Date: Wednesday, May 7th
Time: sometime in the morning
Story: With a bruised cheek, Reese is playing in the playroom while I am busy packing up some dishes. Today I am keeping a more watchful eye on her. She crawls towards the stairs...I still have my eye on her. She rounds the corner and I let her go. No need to follow her like a hawk. So I think. I give her a few seconds then quietly proceed...with camera in hand. She has learned to climb the stairs!! How in the world?? I carefully take her picture and then quickly remove her from danger. We go upstairs, put on some clothes, and then go out to buy gates for the stairs.

Date: Thursday, May 8th
Time: any time
Story: Reese hasn't really noticed the gate yet...we will see how she likes being kept out!!

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