Friday, June 27, 2008

Knock, knock

Today Reese had a playdate with a couple of my cousins kids. Caleb is two months younger than Reese and Ashlyn is almost five months old. Caleb and Reese were following each other all around the house and had a good time. Reese loved my cousin Elisa...she kept reaching up to her to have her pick her up. It was too cute. After they all left and were getting in to their car, Reese was watching them from the window. She started knocking on the window and waving to them. It was so cute I had to get a video of it.

Reese and Caleb both wanted to use the walking toy!

Reese and Caleb posing for a picture

All three kids...I don't think any of them wanted their picture taken.

This picture is from the other day. Reese is wearing her stylin' new outfit from H&M that Aunt Becky bought for her.

My little Hollywood. She has loved playing with her sunglasses the last few days. She takes them off and then wants them put right back on...over and over and over.

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