Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bunnies and Babies and Crying...Oh my!

Our baby bunny is back!! Reese had fun watching him bounce around the backyard today. He is hard to see but he is between her head and her hand. He was so cute. He came right up to the window today and looked in the house! He was a brave little guy.

Reese looked so cute in her sailor outfit today. She acts like she is shy...silly girl.

Sunday's is Lissa day. She usually spends the day with us and then watches Reese while we go to our FPU class. Reese is usually well behaved but has her moments while we are gone. Well poor Lissa (and Tina who was in town) had a rough night with Reese tonight. Here are a couple of things that I think led to Reese's rough night. First of all, Lissa did not come to church with us this morning because her sister, Tina, was in town. She spent the morning with her family instead. So Reese didn't see her all day and didn't have the full on Lissa love yet. Second of all, my family (parents, sisters, and grandparents) came over after church so there was a bunch of attention directed at Reese. Slowly everyone started leaving...including Mommy. Third, Lance has been at work since 11 or so this morning due to some problems at the office. So Reese has not had her much needed Daddy time today. So all of these problems led to a combustion of attitude and Reese cried almost the entire time I was gone. When I walked in the door Tina was standing up holding a sleeping Reese who had probably worked herself up so much she passed out from crying exhaustion. I'm sorry guys that you had a such a rough night!

Here is Reese and Lissa the first night she kept her for us! Hopefully the next time won't be so rough!!

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