Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What did we do before cameras?

Seriously, when Reese is older she will know what she looked like and what she did every day of her life. There are very few days that go by that we don't take at least one picture of her!! I don't think I would be able to remember all of this fun information with out our cameras and blogs!!

Reese eating her first Dunkin' Donuts Munchin' that we bought Daddy for Father's Day breakfast. She, of course, loved it!!

Every weekend Lance cuts the grass and every weekend this is what I see. Reese watching him the entire time he is in the back yard!!

Daddy and Reese wrestling with the lambie! She was scared of it for a little while but then she finally grew to love it! Look at that face she is making...wouldn't you be scared of her?

Reese and Daddy getting some web surfing in.

I just love these chubby little legs! We have made it in to size 4 diapers now. The size 3 said they go to 28 lbs...they must be crazy...or your kid has to have no pot belly because Reese's belly was hanging over them and they looked so uncomfortable. My lesson in life to pass on is when the diaper can no longer hold the poop in, move on up to the next size!!

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